Monthly Archives: September 2020

Road-tripping for astronomy

I feel priveleged to have fantastic opporutnities come up from time to time in the astronomy/astrophotography space due to my involve in the community within WA. Many are due to volunteering but I don’t take them for granted. In September I enjoyed an absolutely awesome 4 night road trip with Perth Observatory to volunteer at a public viewing night for the Gascoyne Junciton community. I would like to give a huge thank you to Matthew Woods of the Perth Observatory for this efforts in making this road trip happen.

It is through my involve volunteering at Perth Observatory that I have come to run astrophotography workshops at the observatory and now offsite for them also. On this road trip we finished up with an astrophotography workshop at Kalbarri National Park.

I have put a small collection of photographs here to show the fantastic regions we visited. You may have seen these and some more on my social media accounts during and after the trip.

Late afternoon light graces the hilltops surrounding the Murchison Gorge in the Kalbarri National Park. Such serenity.
A snap taken during the astrophotography workshop at Kalbarri National Park on Sunday 20th September 2020.
The radio dish at the Carnarvon Space and Technology museum. We were priveleged to have the site to ourselves at night for the purposes of astrophotography, and have the lights controlled as we needed for that purpose.
The required selfie on the following morning after the night of astrophotography when I had the chance to see the dish in daylight for the first time. The museum is extensive and very interesting, and a must see when you are in the area.
One of the telescopes set up at Gascoyne Junction for the community viewing night there with Perth Observatory.

More astrophotography from the trip to come as I have time to process the shots.