Astrophotography Workshops

Roger Groom, who runs this website Astro Photography Australia also hosts workshops on astrophotography in Perth Western Australia. This page outlines the current workshops planned. Follow links to the workshop information to make bookings or enquire.

I am passionate about astronomy and astrophotography, and love having any excuse I can to get others enthused also.

I am based in Perth, Western Australia and currently that is where I run my workshops. If you are interested in me running an Astrophotography Workshop for you, your community group, photography club, etc then you are welcome to contact me. All courses are night-time or weekend subject to my availability.

Why do astrophotography workshops with Roger Groom:

  • I have all the equipment for you to try astrophotography using your camera including several different models of the leading ultra-portable tracking mounts common for nightscapes. Try before you buy.
  • I maintain a set of up to date adaptors for fitting your camera to a telescope including 15 T-Rings for Canon (including Canon R), NIkon (including Nikon Z), Sony (Alpha and E mount), Pentax (K and M42 thread), Olympus, Panasonic Lumix, Fuji X.
  • I have 20 years of astrophotography experience in a diverse range of subjects.
  • I communicate well with beginners through to advanced, able to work at your level of knowledge and adapt my experience to your scenario.

One-on-One Astrophotography Workshop Tuition in Perth
(on demand)

Get together with a friend or two to share the cost or just book for yourself, and enjoy an awesome night under the stars learning to use your camera for astrophotography!

I am happy to provide private lessons and workshops on Astrophotography. This can be done at the Perth Observatory, my dark sky site in the Central Wheatbelt (Shire of Cunderdin), your home, at selected parks and reserves, or at my personal private dark sky site, suitable to yours and my location. Lessons can be as long or short as you wish with the minimum being one hour, and may span several nights. A common approach is one night of three hours.

One-on-one workshops can be just for yourself or a group of friends. Up to five people works well for being able to dedicate sufficient time to each person in the group.

My broad experience with Astrophotography means that I can help you with not just Nightscapes but other forms of astrophotography also (Deep Sky, Planetary, lunar, solar and many more). These might be with a telescope or just your camera on a tripod.

Cost: $100 per hour. Travel is included within 30km of Midland, additional travel is charged at $50 within metro Perth (Western Australia), or quoted on application for more distant locations. Payment by EFT or in person (cash or PayPal Here credit card service). Groups of up to 5 are accepted for the one price. Contact Me to discuss what you would like to learn. You will be amazed how much you learn in simply two to three hours. Of course one-on-one workshops include use of my tracking mounts and other equipment as required for your area of astrophotography interest.

Vouchers available – contact me.

Astrophotography at the Perth Observatory

If you are interested in attending an astrophotography workshop at the Perth Observatory you can do so by attending one of my workshops below, or by booking a 1-on-1 workshop with me as per above.

Since 2013 I have run countless awesome workshop nights at the Perth Observatory with all participants overwhelmingly happy with their results and the fun nights.

More exciting workshops in 2020!

I am pleased to announce the start of my 2020 group workshop schedule! If the below do not suite you then feel free to contact me for an awesome, tailored one-on-one experience.

Perth Observatory – Telescopes & Wide-field

Where: Perth Observatory
Date: 14th March, 2020
Time: 1pm – 10pm
Class size: 12 people maximum
Food: Afternoon tea, refreshments, subway catering dinner provided. Please advise of dietary requirements upon booking with the Perth Observatory.
In case of cloud: We will go ahead irrespective of weather, but in the case of cloudy conditions a telescope tour of the Perth Observatory and Astro Photography Australia equipment will be given and an additional two hours of specific image processing workshop presented.

This fantastic full day of astrophotography gives you a small group experience learning all the basics of astrophotography, both wide-field and with a telescope.

We start the afternoon in the Perth Observatory theatre where we’ll have various sessions covering topics including:

  • Common concepts of polar alignment, stacking, image calibration
  • Introduction to astronomy and the night sky, what to photograph when and what suits your equipment.
  • Wide field photography – camera settings, framing, focusing, specific scenarios including wide-field nightscapes, star trails, meteor showers and aurora.
  • Telescope photography – introduction to types of telescopes, mounts and associated considerations for astrophotography. See all the equipment there in person – optical tube, mount, electronic focusers, guide cameras, filters, dedicated astronomy cameras, etc.
  • Introduction to image processing

From the afternoon session we break to have dinner (subway catered) before moving to the hilltop for a night of astrophotography. You will get to:

  • Use your camera on your tripod for wide-field nightscapes around the scenic grounds of the Perth Observatory.
  • Use your camera and lens on my Astro Photography Australia portable tracking mounts including the iOptron SkyTracker, Vixen Polarie, Astro Trac and Skywatcher Star Adventurer
  • Put your camera on a telescope and take photographs through the telescope of at least one deep sky object. (this is available for the camera brand and lens mounts: Canon EF, Canon R, Nikon F, Nikon Z, Micro 4/3, Sony Alpha (e-mount), Pentak X, Fuji X).

For more information and booking see the Perth Observatory website.

Perth Observatory – Two night weeknight Milky Way

Where: Perth Observatory
Date: 21st and 22nd April 2020
Time: 7pm – 10pm each night
Class size: 15 people maximum
Food: Light refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits/slices, fruit)
In case of cloud: We will go ahead irrespective of weather, but in the case of cloudy conditions a telescope tour of the Perth Observatory and Astro Photography Australia equipment will be given and an additional two hours of specific image processing workshop presented.

With this two night workshop I am repeating my previous Spring In to Milky Way session from 2019 but this time in the lead up to the fantastic Milky Way Season as it has been known. April, May and June are great months for photographing the Milky Way so let’s have you make the most of it with this preparation.

This workshop will specifically focus on wide-field astrophotography using your camera, wide-angle lenses, your tripod, and my Astro Photography Australia ultra-portable tracking mounts.

Night one: Theory session detailing hardware, software, camera settings, locations and much more.

Night two: Photography on the hilltop of Perth Observatory, using elements of the scenic Perth Observatory grounds to capture your own Milky Way photographs. Use your own gear, combined with my ultra portable tracking mounts (iOptron SkyTracker, Vixen Polarie, AstroTrac and Skywatcher Star Adventurer) to take awesome Milky Way and nightscape photographs.

More information to come closer to the time, and booking to be available on the Perth Observatory website.

Club Night: Westside Photography Club

9th June 2020: I’m back at the photography clubs! Looking forward to a great night with the Westside Photography Club in Mount Claremont, sharing a love of photography and passion for the night sky.

Image Processing with Stargazers Club

Details coming soon. Save the date: 12th July 2020

More to come!

I have more group workshops already scheduled in, details to be put up on this page as we move through the year and they near. Keep an eye out for some unique and exciting opportunities to get yourself in to astrophotography or just enjoy an evening of astrophotography with like minded individuals.

Vouchers available – contact me.

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