Embracing the Stars at Kings Park

Embracing the StarsThis photograph from Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia may not be as “astro” as much of my astrophotography but it does contain stars under the night sky (believe it or not). Light pollution has outshone most of the stars and the Milky Way, but the Tree, shown in this fisheye lens view, appears to be embracing the few stars showing in the night sky. View bigger .

The city lights of Perth are extremely bight and completely white out the sky in only a 10 second F/2.8 6400ISO exposure. This image is a 5 exposure HDR sequence with the longest exposure being 10 seconds F/4.5 3200ISO. The longer exposures in the sequence reveal the few stars while the shorter exposures reclaim colour in the city and foreground. The stars visible here are those towards the central bulge of the Milky Way, such as Antares and other bright stars of Scorpius and surrounding constellations.