Pathway In The Sky

Pathway In The Sky, as it almost looks like the Milky Way is a reflection of the pathway leading to the right of frame. Beautiful soft tones across the sky surround the Milky Way overhead. Silhouettes are met by the pathway (Mundaring Weir dam wall) on the right.

Taken last night at a regular spot I visit, at the Mundaring Weir in Western Australia. The crisp cold winter nights are making for good astrophotography conditions (apart from needing all my ski gear on just to survive 3 hours standing out in the cold!).

This is a three frame panoramic stitch comprising of relatively short 15 second exposures. It is amazing what modern digital equipment is letting astrophotographers achieve in such short time. Only five years ago when I was taking nightscapes exposure times were more likely to be hours! Just like my popular Milky Way Rising taken in 2008 and consisted of 15 x 5 minute exposures.

Pathway in the Sky

Prints available upon request.