Perth Observatory Communications from Orbit

Perth Observatory under stars - Communications from Orbit?

Perth Observatory under stars – Communications from Orbit?

Following on from my previous post of he Perth Observatory Meridian Dome this is a fun photograph of a satellite dish atop another building at the Perth Observatory. Distinctly an observatory building but with the dome obscured by the high walls and my close proximity you will note the curved nature of the wall.

The Milky Way is shining nicely in the background above the Perth Observatory with notable features include the two pointers (Alpha & Beta Centauri) in the top right. Antares is the bright yellow star in the top-left-centre region. Beyond the bulge of the Milky Way the star density decreases to deep space.

I struggled to find a fun name for this photograph, starting off with “Messaging the Stars” but then thought about the practicalities of the dish being used for satellite internet connection which hardly justifies such a grand name! I settled on the “Communications from Orbit”, more representative of the actual infrastructure but perhaps less emotive! 🙂

Prints available upon request, drop me an email. 20% of all profits from Perth Observatory prints donated to operation of the observatory.

Next astrophotography workshop night at the Perth Observatory will follow my next astrophotography workshop in Perth on June 27th & 28th 2015.