About Print Products

This page goes in to a little detail about each print size and product, explaining what you get for your money.

All my astronomy and space prints are fine art professional photographic prints created by a local reputable professional photo lab in Perth Western Australia. Canvas prints are by the same professional photo lab and to the same high standard, with even longer expected life span. Canvas prints are sealed to protected against dust and allow cleaning of the surface. Rolled prints should ideally be framed behind glass.

I individually prepare and sign every fine art astronomy/space print.

Please be aware that for prints larger than 12″ x 8″ print sizes quoted do vary for individual prints. For example 80cm x 44cm is the standard large size but individual photos may have slightly different aspect ratios, meaning the size may be 80cm x 40cm for example. If you would like to know the exact size to theĀ millimetreĀ of a print before purchase simply ask me. You can also order prints in custom sizes, just ask.

Below is an example 12″ x 8″ rolled fine art print. You get the rolled print individually signed, care information, self-adhesive identification label (for when framed, to adhere to the back), self-adhesive Astro Photography Australia sticker also for the back of a frame, all packaged in a strong poster tube. The 12″ x 8″ size is chosen because it is a standard size for which finding a frame is easy and cheap.

What you get for a 12 inch x 8 inch rolled print

What you get for a 12 inch x 8 inch rolled print

100cm, 80cm and 50cm rolled prints all ship with the same components as above except with the different size prints. All prints are individually signed and prepared by myself.

The following shows a 12 inch x 8 inch matted fine art print. The print is individually signed and packaged in a clear plastic bag. On the reverse is an identification label, sticker, and care information. The clear packaging keeps dust off and your print safe. The mat with picture fits perfectly inside a standard 16 inch x 12 inch frame, available at department stores.

Eta Carina Nebula 12 inch x 8 inch matted print

A signed and sealed 12 inch x 8 inch print ready to package for shipment..

The following is a 7 inch x 5 inch matted fine art print. These prints are inside a matboard measuring outside dimensions of 10 inch x 8 inch. The 8 x 10 size is standard for which frames can be easily and cheaply purchased at your local department store. As with all prints they are individually signed and come with care information and identification label.

Moody Moon 7inch x 5inch print

Example 7 inch x 5 inch print inside a 10 inch x 8 inch matboard with protected clear plastic bag.