Constellation of Orion Cradled by Golden Ring of Twilight


Glorious rich twilight colours cradle the constellation of Orion and bright stars including Sirius.



Photograph of Constellation of Orion cradled by Golden Twilight

Constellation of Orion cradled by Golden Twilight

As you may realise from all my twilight photography, I just love the rich colours of mid-late twilight. I would put up a thousand different twilight images showing the wonderful subtle colour variations if I knew someone wanted them! I can’t take enough photo’s of those wonderful colours (blue, gold, orange – strong and rich), and the smooth gradient.

Here is a fine example of twilight colours, from one of my favorite WA Wheatbelt locations where the horizon is almost flat as a pancake. Taken with the very wide Canon 8-15mm fisheye lens the horizon is curved, nicely cradling the constellation of Orion with a golden rim.

In this print you can clearly see Orion’s belt and sword, along with bright stars Betelgeuse, Rigel, Sirius, Canopus, and many other stars.

As with all my prints, these are true long lasting photographic prints, individually prepared and signed by me the photographer. Each print is shipped with care information and identification label for framing

This astrophotograph can be purchased digitally for self-printing, use in books and publications, corporate material, marketing material, etc. Contact me to organise a copyright agreement.

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