Photo Block: Eta Carina Nebula


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Eta Carina Nebula Acrylic Photo Block

This photo block features the fantastic southern nebula, Eta Carina Nebula. To the naked eye this nebula is visible as a bright patch in the southern hemisphere night sky, amongst the sea of stars making up the Milky Way. The acrylic photo block lifts this nebula photograph giving it a strong vibrancy and fantastic depth.

This acrylic photo block measures 90mm x 90mm x 20mm. The acrylic block is backed with the displayed photograph. The photo block comfortably stands on a desk where light coming through the photograph gives the image a wonderful luminescence. Care should be taken to not damage the backing photograph when handling the photo block.

Acrylic Photo Blocks give photographs an all new level of depth, vibrancy and modern appeal. They are great gifts for sitting on your desk at work, mantle at home or in a bedroom.


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