The Magellanic Clouds


The Magellanic Clouds, front and centre in this photograph showing them cradled in a valley.



The Magellanic Clouds

The Magellanic Clouds

Another photograph from my Kalbarri series, this shows the Magellanic Clouds front and centre, right where they belong in the southern hemisphere. The foreground is a dark silhouette of the valley at Eagle Gorge, Kalbarri National Park. The Milky Way is just barely visible setting behind the right side of the landscape.

The Magellanic Clouds are companion galaxies of our Milky Way galaxy. They are galaxies that are outside of our Milky Way but are being drawn closer and closer to our galaxy. It is proposed that they will eventually merge with our galaxy. Currently the galaxies are approximately 160,000 lightyears from us, so the view we see of the galaxies is in actual fact how they looked 160 thousand years ago.

To the bottom left of the Large Magellanic Cloud is shown Canopus, a very bright southern star. To the top right of the Small Magellanic cloud (and quite close) is the globular cluster 47 Tucana which is well know for it’s fantastic appearance through a telescope as a big ball of stars. The bright star above and between the Magellanic Clouds is Achernar, another bright southern star well known to amateur astronomers.

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