Shipwreck Coast – Island Rock at Castle Cove

Standing here in the dead of night at the top of 100m cliffs, with large waves pounding the coastline and strong gust 60km/hour winds, a ghostly feel is given to the “Shipwreck Coast” of the Kalbarri National Park. Being there in person it is easy to imagine the horror of coming to grief on this coast some 200 years ago, in the dark of night. Now the light pollution of Kalbarri gives some sense of civilisation, but then there would have been nothing but the daunting cliffs.

Shipwreck Coast

This night was plagued by very strong winds, preventing me from photographing at some of the other gorges. Where I did capture successful astro photo’s I was solidly pushing down on the tripod with a steady stance for the duration of all exposures. Certainly the strongest winds I have attempted astrophotography in! The loud pounding of large waves below the cliffs was really something else.

The cliffs are illuminated largely by starlight. The light pollution of Kalbarri visible above the cliffs would have been having little impact on the cliffs in the foreground. I was surprised after 30 minutes of eyes adapting, how much of the waves and coastline was subtly visible on this moonless night.