Astrophotography Comparison

I’ve been having some more great fun out and about doing astrophotography. It continually amazes me how much easier it is to take nightscapes and wide field astrophotography with silhouettes now than even 5 years ago in 2008 when I was starting to accumulate some nice silhouette nightscapes. It explains the boon in nightscape photography in the last year or two from photography enthusiasts everywhere.

Below is an example of what I mean. The 2008 photograph was the one good result from a whole weekend trip to the country, hours of set up time aligning the mount, setting up autoguiding, organising dew heaters and laptop equipment, lugging large telescope, mount, and tripod up to a suitable site near camp, etc. The other image for comparison is from last night, it is a single 15 second exposure and I didn’t even bother getting the portable tracking mount out. The 2008 photograph might arguably be better still but the different is small in comparison to what 15 seconds of exposure would have achieved in 2008.

In fact, I don’t even recall the term “nightscape” from 2008. I may be wrong, but I only recall that terminology coming about in the last year or two. That says something about how much things have changed.

Comparison of astrophotography in 2008 vs 2013

And here is the image from last night:

Spire In The Sky