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Intergalactic Clouds

Dreamy Rock Pools

Dreamy Rock Pools

This photograph has a couple of different types of “clouds” and while astronomers typically dislike clouds here they work to create a dreamy nightscape.

The Magellanic Clouds, a set of companion galaxies to our Milky Way are visible in the night sky. The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) on the right and the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) slightly left and lower than the LMC. Across the night sky span thin layers of cirrus cloud, creating the dreamy look. The moon (not visible in frame) gives the sky a blue colour.

Perth Observatory Meridian Telescope Dome

Perth Observatory Meridian Telescope Dome

Perth Observatory Meridian Telescope Dome

At the Perth Observatory again last night (for a committee meeting, nothing exciting I assure you!) I took the opportunity of a clear night without public or astrophotography workshop to snap a few pictures of the Milky Way. Here’s a quick one of the Meridian Telescope Dome. Not currently in use, the dome as once manned every night of the year as part of the Meridian Program. I like the light falling on the Meridian building in this photograph, subtly outlining it’s unique shape.

It’s a great time of year to be photographing the central bulge of the Milky Way, as it’s rising at a very reasonable hour soon after sunset. It’s bright and easy to see and photograph under semi-dark skies (or darker). Here the central bulge of the Milky Way is shown behind top-left of the telescope building. [click here for larger image]

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Volcano Milky Way!

Volcano Milky Way

It is not every day (or night) that you see the Milky Way erupting from the ground with an explosion of stars, dust and gas in to space! Well that’s what this photograph looks like.

Here the red earth of Kalbarri National Park with a peak resembling a Volcano and the Milky Way to finish it off as if to be the smoke and ash plume extending from the Volcano 🙂 Well, if use your imagination!

This popular photograph featured as a 30″ x 20″ photographic print in the Earth, Above and Beyond exhibition in December 2013, and in the AstroFest 2013 exhibition (later to be sold at charity auction).