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Southern Cross and Pointers with Eta Carina

The Southern Cross and Pointers with Eta Carina Nebula seen through trees at the edge of a peaceful lake in the calm of night.

The Southern Cross and Pointers with Eta Carina Nebula seen through trees at the edge of a peaceful lake in the calm of night.

Here is another from the 1st January which I have enjoyed processing. I love the colours from this particular night,and the compositions I ended up with. As an artist there is a lot to be said for being relaxed and on holiday to do your art – the results are almost always better. The Christmas break was excellent.

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A new year, and new photo’s…

Southern Cross Lakeshore

Southern Cross Lake-shore

New Years Eve this year my wife and I enjoyed a picnic at our favorite nearby lake. I cycle there for exercise, we walk around it for photography of birds and bugs, and enjoy picnics there now and then. The NYE visit reminded me that I must go back to take some more astrophoto’s, so with the holiday season coinciding with new moon, what did I do on the evening of 1st January 2014? Astrophotography! PS. While standing there taking astrophoto’s I was saying to myself “why am I taking more? I already have many yet to process from Kalbarri etc … oh well!”

Frustration erupted on the morning of the 2nd when I discovered my camera (I’m sure it was it’s fault, not mine) had switched between JPG and RAW a few times throughout the night!! I almost never shoot JPG. This has left many shots as “S1 JPG” … small JPG!!! Annoying to say the least. I am happy to have salvaged the above photograph which is a smart combination of RAW and JPG to use the resolution of the RAW and features of the JPG exposures I desired and for which resolution was not so critical. I’m hoping to salvage more through the magic of astrophotography image processing techniques.

This photograph is the first processed from the evening and shows the Southern Cross and Pointers with Eta Carina Nebula (up and to the left of the Southern Cross) in a beautiful fade of colours from green to blues and light orange/pinks. I do like the fade of blue towards the top as if looking out in to deeper space. Assign from a slight increase in overall saturation, the colours are all exactly as they were from the camera and are due to rather mundane physical factors of the scene in reality but conspire to make a beautiful artistic result.

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