Copyright Information

All photography and other images on this web site are copyright to the photographer or Astro Photography Australia (where not specifically stated as being copyright to the photographer).

All copyright enquiries (for photographs and other site content) are welcome and should be directed to Astro Photography Australia via

I welcome enquiries requesting the use of photography from this site in other web sites and publications. In some cases we are able to grant free use of photography however permission must be requested, granted and credit must always be given.

Examples of prior use of astrophotography by third parties:

  • Stock material for television shows including “Recipes That Rock” produced in 2012 and aired in 2013.
  • Publication in newspapers such as The West Australian, Community News (WA) and the Sunday Times (WA).
  • Publication in astronomy magazines such as Australian Sky & Telescope and UK Astronomy Now.
  • Several educational books produced for the Australian education system.
  • Coffee Table book produced by the European Southern Observatory
  • Corporate branding by Macpac for the 2005 year.
  • Individuals for purposes of private printing & framing requirements.