Market Stalls

In 2001 I started selling photography at local community markets. This was initially at the Kalmunda Village Market. While I no longer hold a store at those markets I do take opportunities such as the AstroFest events to hold a store selling my astrophotography. It’s great fun chatting to everyone!

This page contains a bunch of fun pictures and info from my market stores over the years. If nothing else, at least it lets you put a face to the name and see that I’m no fly-by-nighter!

The most regular market stall I hold in recent hears is a store at the Astrofest event held annually at Curtin University. I sell my various mugs, prints, acrylic photo blocks and other wares. It’s great fun having the opportunity to chat with my website and facebook followers, and tell people about the joys of astrophotography, and how to improve their photographs.

Astrofest 2020 (and Astrofest Exhibition Curation)

Astrofest 2019 at Curtin University (10th Year Anniversary!)

Astrofest 2018 at Curtin University

2018 was a bumper year for astrofest with record crowds visiting. The clear skies and wide range of stalls and things to do kep people coming late in to the night.

I had my stall in a different location this year but no less of a pressence, concentrating on selling some large past exhibition prints.

Astrofest 2017 at Curtin University

2017 was the first cloudy astrofest in a while, but 2017 proved to still be a very busy night at Astrofest in Perth! I presented a short 25 minute talk on Astrophotography to about 130 people at 8pm and manned my stall inside for the remainder of the evening. Here are some photo’s of Astrofest 2017!

Astrofest 2016 at Curtin University

Yet again Astrofest was an enormous and fantastically successful event in Perth on 13th March 2016. I was there again with my Astro Photography Australia stall having fun chatting to all the regulars plus a whole bunch new people interested in astrophotography.

This year I was promoting some amazing new acrylic face-mount prints available featuring the Milky Way and sights such as the goldfields and Lake Leschenaultia, as well as the various astrophotography workshops I run.

AstroFest 2015 at Curtin University

AstroFest 2015 was held again at Curtin University on the 28th March 2015. This fantastic event was more successful than ever, helped along by perfectly clear and steady viewing conditions.

More info about Astrofest 2015 at Perth visit

Astrofest 2015 Facebook event:

Here are some photographs we took on the night, of the Astrofest 2015 and Astro Photography Australia stall:

AstroFest 2014 at Curtin University

AstroFest 2013 at Curtin University

AstroFest 2012 at Curtin University

AstroFest 2011 at Curtin University

AstroFest 2009 at Curtin University

No pictures currently available.

AstroFest 2009 was the first in the new format of large Curtin University AstroFest events and coincided with The Year of Astronomy 2009. At this AstroFest I sold a range of products including my AstroMugs, mouse mats, calendars, matted prints, framed prints and rolled prints.

Last market stall at Kalamunda Village Markets, 2005

No pictures currently available.

From approximately 2000 to 2005 Roger Groom ran a regular market stall at the Kalamunda Village Markets. At the stall I sold mostly landscape, macro and nature photography but also diversified in to my astrophotography. I sold matted and framed prints. My final market stall was in 2005, ended due to time constraints making it too hard to man the store each month.