Astrophotography Videos shown here are a combination of time lapse and still photograph sequences, captured by myself. I enjoy the use of video to add an extra element to astrophotography, combining music and images in a well choreographed manner to produce a specific atmosphere. I hope you enjoy the colleciton.

 All these videos have a soundtrack, I suggest ensuring you have good audio available.

Awesome Astronomy

I had an awesome few months of astronomy & astrophotography – so what better way to sum it up than a short video designed to inspire? This is a short video I made for a training night at the Perth Observatory. It’s 3.5 minutes & has sound. Enjoy!

Awesome Astronomy from Roger Groom on Vimeo.

Jupiter and Moon Occultation 18th Feb 2013

Watch the Moon move in front of Jupiter, as it’s moons disappear and then re-appear. You can see some surface detail on Jupiter with the main bands quite clear, as well as nice lunar detail.

Jupiter and Moon Occultation 18th Feb 2013 from Roger Groom on Vimeo.

Lunar Eclipse

Photographed at the Perth Observatory this video shows time lapse and still photographs of the Total Lunar Eclipse December 2012.

Lunar Eclipse from Roger Groom on Vimeo.

Observatory One (automation)

I enjoy participating in astronomical research activities, and this is aided by a reasonable level of automation of my home observatory. Now and then it’s fun to sit back and watch this automation work nicely.

Collecting Data (astrophotography) from Roger Groom on Vimeo.

May 2013 Solar Eclipse

This video is a nice atmospheric representation of the May 2013 partial Solar Eclipse as viewed from the hills of Perth, Western Australia.

10th May Partial Solar Eclipse from Roger Groom on Vimeo.


A fun video of time lapse photography showing Orion rising mixed with watching my telescope perform supernova searching.

Orion from Roger Groom on Vimeo.