Over 20 years Astrophotography Experience

Roger Groom of Astro Photography Australia has a wealth of experience accumulated since he started in 1998, becoing something of a "jack of all trades" in astrophotography. Roger has delivered workshops since 2012.

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Learn exactly what you need to know for your astrophotography. Buy the right equipment and get the most out of your existing equipment. Roger is passionate about helping people get the most from their time under the beautiful southern night sky.

Fun Group Workshops

Roger frequently runs group workshops with organisations including the Perth Observatory and Stargazers Club WA. Roger also regularly visits local photography clubs and community groups to speak on the subject of astrophotography.

If there is not an upcoming group workshop available that suits your schedule then organise a one-on-one to learn exactly what you need when it suits you.

Dedicated One-on-one Workshops

Organise a workshop for when it suits you and to learn exactly what you want to know about astrophotography. One-on-one workshops are customised to your requirements be it wide-field astrophotography, telescope astrophotography, begginer or advanced, and even image processing. Learn more about one-on-one astrophotography workshops

Individuals or Groups

For the same price as a one-on-one you can have 5 people join in and have a great night together learning about astrophotography. For larger groups contact me to discuss options. I have presented to over 200 people in a single session.

I enjoy astrphotography. It is a privelege to spend time under the beautiful night sky teaching astrophotogrpahy. You will enjoy learning astrophotogrpahy with me in a fun and relaxed setting.

What I Do

Group Workshops

Teaching you astrophotography in a fun and relaxed setting.

Prints & Products

Selling astrophotography as prints and associated products such as playing cards.

Digital Astrophotography

Astrophotography images ready to use for coporate artwork or to print yourself for personal use.