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Roger Groom is a passionate astrophotographer from Western Australia who operates Astro Photography Australia selling astrophotography and services.

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Roger Groom

Roger is a Perth based astrophotographer and astronomer with over 20 years experience. Roger has held positions including the Chairperson of the Perth Observatory Volunteer Group, designed and operated remote astronomy setups, runs astrophotography workshops, sells astrophotography, participates in astronomical research and also works in Information Technology as a Software Engineer.

In 2005 Roger started Astro Photography Australia (ABN 99241296553) with the initial aim of selling astrophotogrpahy. This has evolved over time to focus heavily on teaching astrophotography through workshops and online material.

Roger's Experience in

Astronomy & Astrophotography

Roger built his first observatory in 2001 after starting his astronomy journey with a small telescope in 1998. Roger started photographing through a telescope almost as soon as he bought one, and since has had interest varying from planetary, lunar, solar, deep sky, all the way thorugh research to wide-field nightscapes.


Astro Photography Australia is a sole trader business operated by Roger Groom.

We are also able to wholesale our products to retailers at affordable wholesale pricing rates. Minimum quantities apply. Please contact Roger for more information.

ABN: 99241296553


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Payment for workshops can be made in person using cash or credit card, or by EFT Direct Transfer using the below details:

Account name: Roger Groom
Account Number: 632163684
BSB Number: 086288

Privacy Policy

Personal information provided during the purchasing of any products from Astro Photography Australia will only be used for the purpose of that purchase except where required by law.

Under no circumstances will your personal information be sold by Astro Photography Australia to any third party.

To protect your personal information during an online transaction Astro Photography Australia makes use of the online purchasing gateway PayPal who provides secure online payment facilities, external to our web site.

Personal information provided for newsletter subscriptions will only ever be used for the sending of the Astro Photography Australia newsletter and never any other purpose. This newsletter may include some specials specific to the Astro Photography Australia web site in addition to general news articles.

If you have any questions about privacy issues relating to Astro Photography Australia please contact us at info@astrophotography.com.au.

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Copyright Information

All photography and other images on this web site are copyright to the photographer or Astro Photography Australia (where not specifically stated as being copyright to the photographer).

All copyright enquiries (for photographs and other site content) are welcome and should be directed to Astro Photography Australia via copyright@astrophotography.com.au

I welcome enquiries requesting the use of photography from this site in other web sites and publications. In some cases we are able to grant free use of photography however permission must be requested, granted and credit must always be given.

Examples of prior use of astrophotography by third parties:

  • Stock material for television shows including “Recipes That Rock”.
  • Publication in newspapers such as The West Australian, Community News (WA) and the Sunday Times (WA).
  • Publication in astronomy magazines such as Australian Sky & Telescope and UK Astronomy Now.
  • Several educational books produced for the Australian education system.
  • Coffee Table book produced by the European Southern Observatory
  • Corporate branding by the company Macpac.
  • Individuals for purposes of private printing & framing requirements.